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Covid19 & Virus Exposure/Treatment  Information

As we are fighting an insurgence of the Virus outbreaks this season we are aware of different variants affecting vaccinated or unvaccinated people.  Please refer to the links provided below to locate one of the Florida Antibody Therapy Locations and/or COVID Testing Sites.  For your convenience and expedience we are providing this valuable information to find a location and get appropriate treatment as soon as possible if you have symptoms or test positive for COVID19.  Most all pharmacies and hospitals are offering Vaccinations as well throughout the state.

If you are having severe symptoms, such as unable to breath, high fever, please go to your nearest Urgent Care or ER location immediately.

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Click on the picture above to be re-directed to the Florida Covid Testing Center Locations Website and SEARCH based on your county for nearest testing location.  Most pharmacies and Urgent Care facilities will do testing! You may also purchase a home test kit available at your local pharmacy. We suggest you call them first to confirm!

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Click on the picture above to be re-directed ot the Florida Antibody Therapy Treatment Center Locator.  Follow instructions for search on the site or call the Florida Dept of Health Hotline at:        1-850-344-9637.



Here is a list of suggestions to protect yourself and family from Viral infections:

  • Wash your hands frequently and use hand sanitizer after any time you touch surfaces or knobs. Be vigilant.

  • Wear your Mask in public locations or if you suspect anyone is sick around you, isolate yourself.  Assure good airflow in areas you are in. Oxygen is your friend.

  • GAS STATION PUMPS: Use a paper towel or throw away food service glove to handle gas pump handles and payment buttons. Throw it in waste bin prior to returning in car.

  • DRIVE THRU's: even if in your vehicle the wind blast in a drive thru can carry germs to your car.  Protect yourself. Mask.

  • FAMILY/FRIEND POSITIVE FOR COVID: Stay away from positive persons, if you feel been exposed, Quarantine yourself as per Guidelines now 5 days keep eye on symptoms. Get Tested or purchase a Home Test available at drug stores.   Boost Immune System with what your provider recommends such as Vitamin C, D3 and other nutritional support, get plenty of rest and hydrate! 

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