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Your Hormones and Nutrition

Do you have signs of fatigue, trouble sleeping or other symptoms?


If so, you may be missing more than what is on the surface.  With the West Coast Family Practice analysis, we identify your symptoms and find the right solution for your body to promote healthy living.  We research to find the root cause rather than just guess.


Hormone Testing & Therapy

We determine your hormone levels by :

Gene SNP DNA screen analysis

Female Hormone Saliva Testing

Post Menopause Hormone Panel

Male Horomone Panel (testosterone levels)



Nutrition Program & Supplements

We are able to complete a comprehensive analysis of your body nutrients and deficiencies with Spectra Cell Micro Nutrient Testing.  


Once we determine where a deficiency may be in your body, we find the right nutritional supplement program for you.


Our Nutritional Supplement programs include carefully evaluated and chosen brands by us that have proven effectiveness and scientific studies to support them which can be found in our office or on the products page.


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