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Welcome to our TeleMedicine Visit Page

You will be re-directed to our secure payment website through Square.

Please complete our Credit Card Authorization form and SUBMIT back to Us by Email or Fax. 

In the wake of the COVID-19 Coronavirus epidemic we are in compliance with government officials to mandate ALL of our patients who are Elderly and/or who are Auto-Immune Compromised, or Feeling symptoms of a Virus,  to please stay at home as we will schedule your visit through our TeleMedicine Technology.    

For PHONE CALL FOLLOW UP:   on this page (below) you will find our TeleMedicine Consent Visit Form button to click for your review,  an acknowledgement is required on the form that will email your digital signature acceptance to us directly.  We would appreciate your confirmation upon understanding of our visit methodology. 


APPOINTMENT REQUEST: If you are in need of an appointment please go to our Request Appointment Page.  Select Tele-Medicine Appointment if you are ill at home.    We will respond as soon as possible.   For severe symptoms call 911.

A payment button is available for your convenience at the top of this page for secure direct PAYMENT toward any Co-Pay that is due prior to your TeleMedicine Visit Appointment.  

TELEMEDICINE /VIDEO VISIT(S):  To better serve our patients we have updated our Telehealth system technology provider to MEND, as a preferred resource for your TeleMedicine visit(s).  We must use this method in order to properly evaluate your symptoms and offer efficiency of your office visit with the provider.  It is our intent to take all necessary precautions to assure 2 Factor Identification & Securities are met to maintain HIPAA Privacy and minimize technological encumbrances. 

Prior to your PHONE CALL visit, please click below to Review Consent Form & Sign. Thank you!


Blood pressure reader
DIgital thermometer.png


>Blood Pressure Monitor


>Digital Thermometer


>Glucose Meter (for Diabetics)


>Oxygen Meter (for those with COPD or Other)

> Provide your current Weight (lbs)

> Note Any Changes made to your Medications (includes new supplements)

>Camera and Microphone is ON computer or phone

Home Continuous Glucose Monitoring Train
oximeter pic.jpg

Computer and Mobile Users : (Effective 8/25/20)

Our office will schedule your appointment in our new TeleHealth System.  You will receive an email and/or Text Message that will provide you with further instructions.


Make sure to write or save your Log in and Password if you create a FREE profile as we DO NOT have access to this information.


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Questions? Email Us Click Here

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