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It's a New Year and New You! Prove it to yourself.

Every year just before New Year's we all make our resolutions for the new year ahead, set goals, most of which always point back to our "health". Here are our goals for the New Year 2016 - Eat better, diet, lose the weight, work out at the gym, look better and feel better, make more money, build our business, get a new job, start another career, go back to school etc.. I believe 90% of us say this every year and statistically after the first 90 days 40% drop out on the mission completely, going back to the old habits.

So why do some of us not stay on the mission "we developed" on our own? Most of what I have seen is the issue of TIME, complacency and DRIVE to do it. It's much like when we set goals in our life for career and money, being healthy and to maintain a healthy weight for our body is just as an important goal as any other. So why don't you do it? What is stopping you? Jot down a list of items that are the root cause of your ambivalence to creating that great "change" in your life.

There are ways to stay on track for the Healthy New You! Do the research, take charge of your health, ask your physician what he/she thinks is best for your body type. If you feel you cannot do this alone, know that you are NOT alone. There are many resources of people out there to help you on the path with goals you personally set in mind.

In the recent years ,Health Coaches have become more prevalent in the medical field. This would be an avenue to approach as a health coach will be "exactly that" your coach! Someone you can privately talk to and share your thoughts and goals with, your health coach can help you devise a plan that suites your schedule and healthy diet. Typically a health coach will work with others to refer into the plan mix; such as a good work out instructor, possibly a nutritionist for more in depth nutrition planning.

Goal and challenge for 2016 for you! Take that step forward to achieve your healthy life style, learn how to eat for your chemistry, set your timelines, ACHIEVE YOUR DREAMS, stay positive and reach out for help when you need it.

For more information on our health coach, and to take that step forward today, you can visit MAKE THIS YOUR NEW YEAR!


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