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Coronavirus Informative Updates Get it Real Time

For patients seeking to gain more information and to confirm the status in the state of Florida on the Coronavirus statistics; we are providing you with links that direct you to the Florida Dept of Health information site that will share daily statistics.

This link will bring you to the map by counties and locations to identify how many Virus positive people are in your area.

The main site url is:

You may navigate the Florida Dept of Health website for more information.

Please follow guidelines as we embrace this "temporary" change to smother out the transmission of this virus. To put things into perspective, Imagine the numbers you see on the above site. For each area you define by county and zip codes, for every ONE person positive with the virus, know that at least 10 people have been exposed to it.

This could be exposure to the positive person now identified, from anywhere you have been. A grocery store, gas station pump, bank, physician office etc. for examples. This is serious and we encourage respect others around who do not wish to be exposed, wear your mask and gloves. Anyone may be a carrier and not be aware of it. Once testing is more readily available the information will be identified by the florida Dept of health website or by calling the main number.

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