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2019 It's a New Year and Time for a New Healthy You!

Here we are, it's already the second month of our New Year 2019! February Goal month 2. I wonder how many resolutions have been promised to one's self or others for this year. Are you one of those people? My next question to you is, are you going to follow through on the promise you just made to yourself and others? Most commonly everyone has their health resolutions they promise to do and embark on the journey forward to "improve" by losing weight, eating better and living healthier. Then, after 4-6 months pass on life gets in the way and before you know it your roller coaster begins until next year!

BUT! There ARE other ways to combat that "oh I don't have the time to do it" or " I just can't give this or that up". Yes you can! It all boils down to, do you want to live a healthier more vibrant life? Most do. Here are a few ideas of great New Years Resolution items you can accomplish even if you are the busiest person around. Based on research and studies from various resources this is an important way to help keep your body and mind aligned and improved health!

1) Get 7-9 Hours of Sleep per Night - Why? Sleep is a foundation where our other habits form. Some studies show having proper amount of sleep will play an important role to maintain healthy weight, and even lower risk of type 2 diabetes. while maintaining overall better health outcomes.

2) Exercise and Move Around More - Why? Exercise is a key element to reduce stress, enhance our mood and support our health. There is no right or wrong way to exercise, walking is your safest best if you are concerned about injuries, stretching is another fantastic element! Form a new habit in your day. Start your day off by allowing yourself at least 15 minutes to stretch your arms, back, legs and body to feel great. Studies show movement does improve to combat pains such as arthritis etc. Example like oiling your engine before you drive the car. Allow fluids to move through your body and support joints and muscles for the tasks that lie ahead.

3) Meditate / Relax - Why Not Try It? Meditation has been a practice around for centuries by multiple cultures. Regular mediation has been associated to show improved mental and emotional well-being, structure and functional changes in the brain, improved pain tolerance as well as better academic and work performance. If you are new to it, set a goal to medicate 5-15 minutes a day, schedule it into your day and try make it a habit, the results may surprise you!

4) Eat more Fruits and Vegetables - Nutrition is everything and with so many viruses out there, fortifying your body with proper Vitamins such as B, C, D, E, K etc. are vital to fight off those bugs as well help your body maintain optimal health.

5) Eat out Less - Eating at home and having your balanced nutritional meal is way far better for your health because you know what you eat! At restaurants we never know how much sodium, sugars, by products are used, and think about what you consume, are the vegetables washed? Where did they come from? If you have a sensitive system, it is best to do your best to eat at home make larger meals that will last you a couple days, fresh food that you know where is came from and what is in it. If you are a person who is Sodium intolerant, or Glucose intolerant, this should be an alert for you.

6) Leave the Phone when You Get Home - Spend less time on your cell phone and more with your family. Your mind and health need down time and its best to allow your body that rest. You owe it to yourself and your loved ones. Think about it, what did you do before you had a cell phone? Was there something that important you had to deal with that couldn't wait until the next day when you physically saw the person or had to connect.

7) Less Social Media - Since social media has become so prevalent in our computer age, it seems to have taken over the world. Save yourself from unnecessary heart ache or stress and engage in less social media. What did you do before social media existed? The worst thing we can do after a long day is become entangled in a social media craze before bed time or relinquishing that precious time needed to rest and/or meditate to improve our health and well being.

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