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Patient Education on COVID-19 and Information

For the benefit and education to our Patients we are providing much needed reminder sent to us by the Florida Department of Health to stay on top of the CoronaVirus COVID-19 outbreak.

Vigilance and great hygiene is of course the key to avoiding any virus. This virus has identified some targeted characteristics that should not be taken lightly. Thus the reason for the Stay at Home Policies at this current time.

Anyone who is elderly or auto-immune compromised, or compromised with other health diagnoses should stay at home. Take extra precautions if you do need to venture to the store to retain grocery items or prescriptions. Wear a facial mask and gloves. Keep the 6 foot rule at minimum.

One question most people have presented is how do you not get depressed in a time like this or how do you manage it? Of course your provider is here to help you manage any symptoms of depression, yet the key is to stay "active" at home, exercise daily, catch up on items you've been wanting to do around the house for Spring. "Spring cleaning and gardening". This is a great time to catch up on many tasks, take advantage of it. Walk in your safe zone daily, take a short drive and enjoy the view of water, see some sights in your car. Most important think "positive"! Read a positive book or watch an inspiring movie or comedy to make you laugh! Laughter is a key ingredient to ignite those happy hormones. Chat with your friends and family on the phone if they do not live with you. Tune in to your inner creativity.

Here are some important details to review below to remind on what to do in any situation of COVID-19:

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